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ThesisIn3 Competition

ThesisIn3 Competition

By Carla Gummerson

My first week was a very exciting week. One of the highlights was bring a part of the ThesisIn3 competition. The competition is run by Graduate Studies in UCD. The competition highlights the work that PhD students are undertaking. The aim is to help students present their work to those that are not as experienced in that line of study. It gives the student extra skills, as this is something they will have to do further down the line.

From the get-go, I was excited about watching the eight videos that were being presented. There was such variety in the videos from Science to sociology. The videos can be seen at this link . Each video was done so professionally, and they were executed in such a way that even I knew what each participant was working on.

My role in the competition was to come up with criteria alongside Costanza Galanti another UCD student. We both came up with four categories and we were able to give a prize to each winner worth €75. The winners are stated below.

Winners of the SU Categories for ThesisIn3

Catchiest Title – T.B or not T.B, can networks answer the question? Thomas Hall

Best relatable example/Analogy – Clamping down on cancer one drug at a time- Lorna Conway

Best image – In- Sync: Learning to compute from fireflies – George Vathakkattil

Best at making me care about something that I was not interested in before – The drone effect- Gianluca Fontanesi

There was one winner of the ThesisIn3 competition and that was Thomas Hall. He will now go on to represent UCD in the Universitas21 Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®), where they will compete with researchers from all over the globe. The winner will also receive a €250 One-For-All voucher and the two Runners-Up will each receive a €100 One-For-All voucher and serve as ambassadors for UCD research, with recordings of their presentations on the Graduate Studies website.

I would like to congratulate all that participated in this competition, the work and precision that went into the creation of the presentations was outstanding.