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Threshold Q+A

Updated: Jul 11

Recently, we held an event with Dagmar of Threshold to answer your questions about the rental market in Dublin.

We are incredibly thankful for Dagmar, Threshold’s Student Advisor, and Cathy, for organising this event to empower students with the knowledge and information to #OwnTheirRights.

Check out the timepoints below for the specific questions asked by you, the students, and the answers.

Q: What is the difference between a licensee and a tenant? 1:44 - 3:29

Q: Do students in SSA have different rights in terms of paying deposits and notice periods? 3:41 - 4:40

Q: I want to leave my house and sublet - how do I go about this? 4:50 - 6:10

Q: What happens if I pay a deposit and I don’t move in? 09;15 - 10:40

Q: I’m moving into a house with mould in it. Is it our right to have the house cleaned before mwe move in? 11:15-14:15

Q: My landlord wants to sell the house we’re letting in the middle of our lease - what can we do? 14:27-15:47

Q: What is the process of filing a complaint with the Residential Tenancy Board? 16:10-18:25

Q: My landlord is charging me more than one month’s rent as a deposit - is this legal? 18:50 - 20:30