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Brian Treacy

Name (ainm) Brian Treacy

Pronunciation (fuaimniú) Bri-yan Tray- See

Pronouns (optional) (forainmneacha (roghnach) He/him

Position (post) Education Officer

Date (dáta) 6th April 2020

Council Number (uimhir na comhairle) 9 (and final)

Brief Note on the Year:

I began two weeks of Union induction on Tuesday, the 4th of June 2019, and began my term as Education Officer on Monday, the 17th of June 2019. In trying to live up to responsibility and role of the Education Officer, I tried to take in as much as possible the first few weeks to months. This was through listening and asking questions at our 2-week induction training, meeting with key university staff, and reading various policies and procedures of the University and the Union itself during the Summer.  As stated in our constitution ‘The Education Officer shall be responsible for dealing with issues of academic interest, including: access to education, maintenance grants and other student financial supports; quality assurance; student discipline; library services, overcrowding and resources; examinations, assessment and associated appeals; and the general academic advancement of the student body of the University.’

This would become a mantra and philosophy for me during my term as Education and I hope the below information illustrates some of the progression outlined and required by our constitution. I am firm believer that education is the key driver for social mobility and I am very proud of the progress made by our Union this year and long may we progress. 

A. Key Annual Achievements

Student Experience Mapping Project

Action: Attended final meeting of the student experience mapping project. 

Aim and Achievement: We signed on the student experience mapping project which essential is a project which serves as an opportunity to explore and better understand the experience our students have throughout their time in UCD. 

Student Cases

Action: Student Cases via phone, email, in person, and (in the more recent future... Zoom). 

Aim: to have every student that came to the Union for help academically to get that specific help.

Achievement: Most cases are solved there or are signposted to groups in UCD better able to solve the issue. With this, many cases were escalated to Heads of Schools to ensure students received the outcome they deserved. 

Direct Student Representing

Action: Represented multiple students at university-level hearings including plagiarism hearings and disciplinary hearings

Achievement: Ensured the university staff followed university procedures carefully and were fair in their dialogue and decisions relation to students. 

Student Representation (Academic Council)

Action, Aim, and Achievement: Ensured around 20 students could sit on Academic Council for the Academic Year 2019/2020. This gave them the opportunity to see what actual policy making in the university looks like and can add to the discussion.