Thomas Monaghan

Name (ainm) Thomas Monaghan

Pronunciation (fuaimniú) Tom Mon-uh-hun

Pronouns (optional) (forainmneacha) (roghnach)He/Him

Position (post) Entertainments Officer

Date (dáta) 03/04/2020

Council Number (uimhir na comhairle) 9

A. Review of Job Accomplishments this Year

The Entstagram

The Entstagram started as a method of communicating to students what kind of events the Student’s Union had planned on a weekly basis and to give students insight as to what is involved in the role of Ents Officer. It was difficult to grow during the summer without the presence of students on campus but as soon as Orientation Week came we used a number of methods to increase following such as addressing large groups of students and swapping discount cards for a follow. Feedback and engagement has been incredibly positive over the year and I believe it has accomplished the role it was intended to do. 

ENTS Discount Cards

As a first year I loved getting free stuff during Orientation Week, especially discount cards, as they are a great way of saving money. Therefore, we decided to re-introduce the ENTS Cards with new branding and fresh discounts. They flew out the door during the year and they were a fantastic method of getting people to follow the Entstagram. I would like to see them continue!

Hell & Back

I wanted to a plan a big non-alcoholic event for semester 1 and I saw Hell & Back as a perfect opportunity! We had a team of 40 UCD students head to the beautiful Kilruddery Estate to take on the 8km Obstacle Course. There was a great sense of teamwork and comradery! We all agreed that we would definitely do it again and bring more people next time.

Fresh Fest

Orientation Week was a fantastic success and it was a great opportunity to chat and get to know a lot of the new students and welcome them to UCD. It was a very long week with a lot of extra work done in the evenings but we had some fantastic help with some amazing volunteers! Orientation Week is one of the toughest weeks by far but it is a critical time in the year to gain support and let students know how they can be supported and how they can enjoy their year in college. Think of it like a first impression! As well as giving out a huge amount of goodies bags, we sold a very large amount of tickets to Boots & Kats in Tramline for Fresh Sesh.

ENTS Forum

I had the privilege of working with a fantastic and dedicated group of students who were good enough to give up their spare time and give a huge amount of enthusiasm to the events that we held during the year. Emma, Anam, Ray, Ruth and Martina, thank you so much for everything you have done for us all year, it could not have been done without ye!


I would also like to thank all of the Ents Reps who showed such interest in working at our events and who represented the SU to such a high standard. At many times during the year, the Ents Reps were there to keep the show going, making sure we were never short on people and who always offered a helping hand.


SU events, supports, campaigns and initiatives could not go ahead without the wonderful support from our volunteers who always give up their time to support the student cause. It is students like these we owe so much and who contribute to a community feeling in UCD. A massive thank you to all volunteers who did everything from roaring at rallies to wrapping presents.

DJ Workshops

Something which started as Ents, MechSoc and MusicSoc drinking cans and playing tunes in the Red Room grew into a fantastic group of student DJ’s who have been teaching other students the industry and how to work a DJ deck, being on the radio, performing at society balls and selling out venues. It was great to find a niche interest in UCD life and see it grow into something very popular, massive thanks to MechSoc and MusicSoc.

Class Rep Assistance

During the year, I had a huge amount of class reps come to me with all different types of queries and questions. This was one of my favourite aspects of my role. Just getting to chat to students and help them with their social lives in college! Whether it was planning a course night out, trips to all over Europe, suggesting group activities and various fundraisers or just general advice on day to day problems – this is what makes being a Sabbatical Officer worth it!

Rental Speakers

At the start of the year I purchased 3 JBL Flip 4 speakers that were to be loaned out to societies and for use at SU events. Many societies including GermanSoc, AfricanSoc and MusicSoc made use of the speakers during the year and they were a great addition in having background music at our events.

Assisting students with projects

A number of times during the year I had students come to me with projects and assignments needed to complete a module. A lot of the assignments were focused on details and practices of the event industry, elements of marketing and promotion as well social media presence and engagement. It was a pleasure to help these students who were studying in the Innovation Academy, for example, as I had completed a number of modules there myself.

Blindboy Podcast

The BB Podcast was one of the most fun events of the year. Everything from the organisation and promotional aspect was really enjoyable. The volunteers and help we had internally and externally made the event a huge success and we raised money for our charities in the evening also.

Free BYOB Bowling

Twice during the year I offered groups of students opportunities for free BYOB Bowling in Stillorgan as they were shooting a promotional video for the Leisureplex there.

3 Bucks Left

Massive thanks to Cowboy, Salmon and Frenchtoasht three of the Hardy Bucks who performed a comedy show in The Clubhouse. The three lads were also raising money for Beaumont Hospital and they had also just completed a run from Dublin to Mayo.


There were many competitions held over the course of the year which was a great way of getting people to submit content and stay in touch with what we were up to on a weekly basis. Competitions such as Indiependence, EP, Sea Sessions, Forbidden Fruit, The Script, Hozier, Boots & Kats, Arctic Stone, Blindboy, Flight and TK Maxx vouchers were all welcomed by students!

Nightlife & WhyNot Networks

A key part of the role is making sure students have a great social life for as cheap as possible! This includes having bands for nightclubs sorted which can get students in for free. I mainly had D2 and Opium at the start of the year but through working with promoters such as Nightlife and WhyNot Networks, we were able to get a bit more variety in what we could offer students!

Organ Donor Cards

Yep, another goal for the year was to provide as many students with organ donor cards as possible. I ordered a large batch of cards and distributed them at various events as well as making them available from the SU reception.

Enable Ireland Clothing Drive

We held a successful clothing drive for one of our charity partners, Enable Ireland. Students were good enough to donate their unwanted or unused clothes which were collected, bagged and delivered to Enable Ireland Offices by myself. With well over €1000 worth of clothing, Enable Ireland were delighted and the clothes were sent to their charity shops.

Christmas Day

This year's Christmas Day was our busiest ever with a massive amount of students turning up for a jam packed full of fun with a DJ, Choir performance, Pass The Parcel which had some incredible prizes, free tea, coffee and hot chocolate. We collected a lot for charity on the day and the clubhouse was also packed with our band Déjà vu going down a treat! Red Bull Santa!


This year, the Ents Forum and I got to work with a lot of societies, which was really encouraging as we got to see some incredible events, by working together. We funded and promoted many events, MusicSocs BOTB for example where the final was played in Whelans and a great night was had!

Working on Reception

Working on reception was always a fresh breath of air whenever we were needed to fill in. Front of house is a really important position in the SU, as they encounter the most amount of students every day. It really gave you an external and all round perspective of what it is like to work there and the problems and queries that students face on a daily basis.

B. Ongoing Projects


I am currently working on the handover document that will be presented to the next Ents Officer. This document will outline all the key aspects and areas of the role and how to deal with and accustomed to day to day operation in the office environment. This will be the first Ents Handover Document in a long time and it is something I am excited to be working on!


Having held an online competition for Disney+ Voucher and having hosted a Tiger King Netflix Party, engagement over this ‘working in isolation period’ has been largely positive. I will strive to keep content coming over the remainder of the semester as well as posting photos and memories from past events.

Final Word

Getting involved in extracurricular life during your time in University is one of the most intelligent and useful things you can do. Whether you are practicing a shared interest or hobby through societies, competing at an athletic level with sports clubs or supporting and representing the students of UCD through the Students’ Union – you can always rest assured that your time has been well spent. The continued support of UCDSU through staff, class reps, College Officers, Ents + Campaign Forums, Ents Reps, Volunteers and Sabbats during my time here over the last five years has been nothing short of overwhelming. You will never be short of someone to brainstorm with, come up with solutions, to lend an ear or to go on a night out with. This is something that is very special and we should strive to extend this to not just to the students of UCD but our family, friends and peers. I have countless amounts of people to thank for making my time in UCD so special, I am positive they all know who they are.

As for myself, once this pandemic is over, I plan on working as Operations Manager for Arctic Stone Ireland for the summer and fulfilling my lifelong dream as a full-time ice-cream man. I plan to go on and do a MSc in Marketing in Smurfit using all the knowledge and experience I have gained while in UCD. I have made a huge amount of honest and true friends who I hope to keep for the rest of my life. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, my door will always remain open.

 Thanks for everything UCDSU, all the best in the future!

Thomas Monaghan

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