UCDSU Heroes

2020 has been a tough year and we want to take the opportunity to thank all of those who have made it a little bit easier for us through this time.

We are delighted to announce the winners below and each winner will receive a UCD Hoodie from our online shop –

Thank you to every student who submitted their hero to us. Thank you to all our UCD Heroes from everyone at UCD Students’ Union for making the University a brighter place through challenging times.


UCD Hero: Chloe Slevin

Nominated By: Eve Bennett

Why: “Chloe has done a huge amount of work advocating for her fellow students. She has auctioned off her beautiful artwork for frontline charities. She is an amazing nurse and a true inspiration”

UCD Hero: Dr. Brendan O’Neill

Nominated By: Faye Mulvany, Clover Little, H. Josie Hale

Why: “Brendan is an amazing lecturer and makes time for all students, making sure no one is struggling, consistently looks out for our wellbeing and has so much patience when teaching.”

“Brendan is available almost 24/7 to talk about coursework, experimental archaeology, or anything else. He has committed to making the best of this difficult situation we've all been put in and has worked to ensure we can still meet for one class a week while following HSE guidelines and has even offered to open the Centre for Experimental Archaeology for student work and supervise outside of class time. Our whole class thanks you, Brendan!”

“Brendan is my UCD Hero because he has gone above and beyond making sure that all the students in the program feel comfortable and safe going to practical classes, as well as making sure that we know he’s available for us as a resource however we might need it.”

UCD Hero: Rhys Scully

Nominated By: Yin Yin Sheng

Why: "I believe that he is an amazing class rep. He cares about everyone and made sure throughout this difficult time that everyone in our year is doing well. Not only that but he also tries to organize class meet ups so we get more interactions as well as zoom calls where we can help each other with some topics in different modules if people are having difficulty in it. Without any doubt he is an amazing class rep as well as a UCD Hero!"

UCD Hero: Regan Barry

Nominated By: Ahmad Mohammad

Why: "Regan is a fellow classmate that goes above and beyond in an effort to make university and life easier for everyone in our class, which means a great deal as first years. She's a very approachable person that's always helping and doing everything she can to make this online semester bearable. She reminds the class of events happening and she emails lecturers whenever the class is struggling with something and she helps academically if someone is stuck on an exercise question and she got our exams to be changed to a time that suits all students and the list goes on and on. I am pretty sure she is the whole class's UCD Hero, not just mine."

UCD Hero: Aobh Matthews

Nominated By: Rob Fitzpatrick

Why: “I went through a really rough time during the beginning of the semester and thought that I was going to drop out of college. Without the support from Aobh I wouldn't be where I am today. I think what really makes the difference is the little things people do for you, and she has never let me down.”

UCD Hero: Emily Carney

Nominated By: Lauren Archer

Why: “Throughout my transition from secondary to University, Emily has been at the end of the phone no matter what. She has continuously been so kind and helpful from the moment I got word I was accepted into UCD. As Emily is now in her final year, she was to no surprise more than familiar with UCD’s operational format, rules & regulations taking into consideration the unusual circumstances this year has presented us all with. I am for that reason extremely grateful that this did not interfere with Emily’s extremely kind and willing nature. At one point I was so panicked about missing a deadline and had no idea how brightspace nor SISWEB worked. Emily to the rescue...she came straight up to my house (with her mask on, whilst keeping socially distanced) and guided me through every step of the way, and let's be honest I’m not the most techie person out there, so I was and will forever be so grateful to her for this & hope that once I am familiar enough with UCD myself, that I can do the same someday too.”

UCD Hero: Saira Khan

Nominated By: Siobhan Lennon

Why: “For some time I was struggling with the amount of work and the pressure of doing work from home. Everyday Saira would send a positive message and keep me and the rest of our course up to date on any assignments or events that were on. She helped me through this horrendous time and has been my little hero this semester”

UCD Hero: Dr. Gabriela Martinez Sainz

Nominated By: Mugizi Rwabiita Felix

Why: “Virtual learning can be daunting and disappointing. It ruires a lot of creativity for one to make it enjoyable and fun and this is what Dr.Gabriela did. As the module coordinator for Development Education, she made this module the most engaging. With lots of readings, great use of breakout rooms, enriching the delivery with case studies and presentations by guests, and allowing for extra creativity in presenting the module, I regard her my UCD hero. She has made my experience so far at UCD worthwhile. Great professors like herself and the others we interface with give UCD the global appeal that explains its choice by international students.”

UCD Hero: Dan Deasy

Nominated By: Hugh Dooley

Why: “For caring about the mental health of his students.”

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