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UCDSU makes submission to Housing Commission

Following an invitation for submissions from the Housing Commission on whether there should be a referendum on the introduction of a constitutional

amendment regarding housing, and, if so, what form such a constitutional amendment might take, UCD Students' Union has lent its voice to the wording proposed by the Home For Good Coalition.

Before the deadline on Friday 2nd September, UCDSU made the following submission, which also links the state's failed approach to housing provision to increasingly visible problems in higher education.

The UCD Students' Union submission reads as follows:

UCD Students’ Union (UCDSU) welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Housing Commission, which has opened a public consultation on a referendum on housing in Ireland. UCDSU’s submission contains two aspects:

1) An approach to housing that better serves students, college staff and higher education.

2) Support for the fundamental right to housing and the wording proposed by the

Home for Good coalition.

We wish the Commission all the best with its deliberations.