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A by-election has been called for the following position: 

The Graduate Officer 


The position of Graduate Officer may only be contested by members undertaking a recognised postgraduate degree, higher diploma or graduate diploma of the University. 

Candidates who wish to contest this by-election should notify the Returning Office of their intention by 6:00pm on Friday 29th of May 2020. 

To guarantee that a nomination is received by the Returning Office, nominees are advised to email the Returning Office at outlining their Name, Course & Year, Mobile Number, Email Address and Student Number

In order to be nominated, prospective candidates are required to have five nominations from students in which each student outlines in an email to their Name, Student Number and Course (Programme) & Year (Stage)

The by-election will take place on 10th and 11th June 2020. In the event of only one candidate validly nominated at the close of nominations, that candidate will be deemed elected without holding an election.