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UCDSU Ticket Platform Launch 🎟️

UCD Students’ Union is proud to launch its very own ticket platform! Why? We wanted to provide a dedicated space where students can avail of tickets to UCD collaborations, like UCD AFC match days, summer festivals like Sea Sessions & and Wild Roots, and adventure activities like Hell & Back.

It’s only the beginning, so give us time to add in events at the best possible price we can get for students - maybe you want to see tickets for something in particular? Let us know and we will do our best.

It’s not easy being a university student these days, so take every opportunity to enjoy yourselves, and if we can facilitate a very small part of that, then we’re delighted to have helped!


▶️ Sea Sessions (Online) - €140 ---- Buy online, collect from our SU reception, cheaper than Ticketmaster 👀

▶️ Hell + Back (Online) - €57 ---- Discount extended specifically to UCD students 🏃

▶️ UCD AFC (Online) - €10 ---- 16 home games left this season ⚽

▶️ Wild Roots (SU reception purchase and collection) - €188.60 ---- Unique SU tickets 🎫

Ticket platform:

**Tickets for Sea Sessions and Wild Roots can be collected from Monday, March 7th, at our SU reception office.

Any questions? Email us at 😊

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