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Welfare Officer - End of Year Report

**What I’ve worked on this year:**

Lots of training:

• ShoutOut LGBTQI+ Training

• DRCC Disclosure Training

• Responding to Students in Distress Training

• Anytime of the Month Training

• Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Events on the following themes:

• Period Poverty & Menstrual Hygiene

• Mental Health & Wellbeing

• Sexual Health

• Active Consent

• SHAG week

• Nursing and Midwifery Compensation Townhall

• Image Based Sex Abuse

• Mind, Body, and Soul - Online

Boards & Committees:

• Student Experience Group


• Governing Authority

• Residence Student Experience Group

• Student Finances Committee

• Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

• Healthy UCD

• ESHTE National Advisory Committee

• Dignity and Respect Policy Review Group

• Nursing and Midwifery Programme Board

• Re-Opening Campus Working Group

• Orientation Advisory Group

What we got done:

• Secured rolling refunds and a flexible cancellation policy for campus accommodation

• Represented hundreds of students in disciplinary hearings

• Ran a number of sold out SHAG week events

• Secured extended library opening hours and weekend study spaces

• Lobbied Govt. successfully on individual asylum cases/ home testing STI kits

• Worked on the video campaign for fair compensation for nursing and midwifery students

• Established reporting tool for non-compliant signage

• Significant revisions included in new Dignity and Respect policy on victimisation and retaliation

From the beginning of the year, the biggest challenge was to move all standard SU services onto an online platform. We have maintained access to the SU offices to provide access to free period products, condoms, pregnancy tests etc. which I’ve distributed by post. We maintained an online referral system to the various support services on campus, and advocated on behalf of hundreds of students who got in touch with us this year.

I’m really thankful to all of our corridor staff, college officers and class reps who have helped so much with running events, workshops, press and campaigns throughout the last few months. We got a lot done during a difficult period, but there’s a lot more we need to build on going forward. Having had a year working in a blended environment, I’m looking forward to hitting the ground running and working with you all for the next year!