So, you’ve made it this far! Through the CAO, PLC or getting on the wrong bus on Nassau Street, you’ve found yourself in UCD. Whether you’re doing Law, Zoology, Classics or Engineering going to college can be a big change, especially when it comes to the work you’re asked to do and the way in which you have to do it. This page will serve as a one-stop shop for any resources you might need to help you get the best results in college as well as listing the supports available to you if you might be falling behind.


These students have been around the block. You’re assigned to your Peer Mentor Group from your first Orientation week in UCD so that they can help you with any questions you have about how UCD works. Even if all of your mates from secondary school are in a different group and you’d rather be doing anything else than another icebreaker, your Peer Mentor knows a lot about campus and your course, and if they’re unsure about anything they can find it out for you from our next resource!


Your Programme Office should be your go-to for finding out info about the nuts and bolts of your degree. Whether you’re concerned about credits, timetables, electives or if your course is the right fit for you. There’s a Programme Office for every major College and contact details for each can be found here:


As well as Programme Offices to help you with the nitty gritty of your course, there are also Student Advisers who can offer one to one support in times of need for every academic programme in UCD.

Whether you’re dealing with personal, emotional or academic issues, the Student Advisers can point you in the best direction regarding UCD procedure, policies and support services.

The list of current Student

Advisers for each course can be found here:



Now that you’re in UCD a few things will change about the work you have to submit and the conditions you have to submit it in. Unlike secondary school, the deadlines for assignments in college are pretty airtight. Bar something catastrophic happening, which we’ll get to later, submitting something after the deadline can have consequences. In general, you might find your work marked down from a B- to a C for one week, or to a D+ for two weeks.

UCD’s policy on the late submission of coursework can be found here:


One of the biggest pitfalls faced by new students in a university setting is plagiarism. Plagiarism is the use of someone else’s ideas or work without due credit being given to them through proper citation.

While it can happen unintentionally for most students, UCD defines the act of plagiarism not by the intention, but by the committing of the act itself. UCD’s policy on plagiarism can be found here:


An excellent guide on how to avoid plagiarism through proper citations from UCD Library can be found here:



Organise a group booking with your mates through your class rep so you can be given wristbands for free entry at the door! You and 3 of your mates in a Taxi from UCD to town could cost anywhere between €12-16 so split the cost and pay €3-4 to cut costs, or catch the last bus into town for €2.85!  Make use of venues with drink deals such as Dicey’s which has €2 euro pints on a Thursday, O'Reilly, The Pav, Pantibar or The Bernard Shaw!


Steer clear of Centra, Mace or them Circle K and Re. Store shops. “Convenience” stores as they call them are only convenient for the billionaires that own them. For student folk, there’s nothing convenient about having the price of a week’s shopping blown on a handful of overpriced crap. You can do a pretty decent weekly shop in Lidl or Aldi for half the price. Just remember, even though that flamingo lilo looks pretty cool now - don't sacrifice buying your toilet roll for it!