SAVES 25%     







UCD is out in the sticks, which makes transport an issue. The costs can add up if you’re not savvy about your options.

This card saves you 25% on most bus routes to and from UCD.

The Student Leap Card is now available from UCD Students' Union Reception!

Opening Hours are as follows: 

Monday - Friday: 11am - 4pm

You will find us in the Old Student Centre near Astra Hall! 

Student Leap Card applications have gone paperless!

You can now apply for a new Student Leap Card using your phone/laptop/computer.


No need to download an app - simply click HERE 

To speed up the process, follow the step by step guide on the website before you drop down to the SU and have your order number and student ID ready


Please check our socials to see if the machines are working, they are a little finicky and tend to break the odd time!

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