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Ents Committee 2017/2018

UCD Ents is once again looking to recruit students from all and every background to form a new Ents Committee for 2018.

What is UCD Ents?

UCD Ents is the Entertainment Department within UCD Students’ Union. Its purpose is to provide entertainment of all different varieties to the UCD Student body.

What is the Ents Committee?

The Ents Committee (formerly the Ents Forum) is a team of students appointed by the SU to help steer the decisions of the Ents Office in the best interest of the UCD Students.

What does it mean to be involved with UCD ENTS?

We want to attract passionate and hard working students who are interested in the social aspect of college. We produce everything from concerts to comedy shows to protests, and we need help with promotion, event management, idea generation and lots lots more! With you involved, you will have the opportunity to sculpt your own Ents experience, focusing on the elements of the job interest you.

How do I get involved?

Simply email entertainment@ucdsu.ie and put as the subject line “Ents Committee”. Then just simply tell us any experience you may have and why you would like to join the team.