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Let the race begin!
Let the race begin!

Class Reps

Money you spend in SU shops goes back into UCD Students’ Union so we can help students like you with a whole host of services. We provide representation as well as educational and welfare support. Free busesto exams, stationery and study fuel. We campaign, lobby and protest issues affecting UCD students. We create volunteering opportunities and platforms to grow your skills, not to mention gigs, events and on-campus entertainment — so it’s money well spent.

e/ shops@ucdsu.ie

t/ 01 716 7196


Who are My Class Reps?

Elections results are in!

Click below to see the full list


How to Run for Class Rep

Get Elected

Get people talking about you, and make your name known!

Make a quick announcement to your lectures

Tell them why you're running, why you're a legend, and some of your ideas for the year.

Charm your peers with the art form of acting suave, sophisticated and mannerly

Attend the events your classmates do

Join societies related to your course

Get Social - turn up the hype and create a buzz online

Post on your class's Facebook pages

Create friendly banter with other candidates

Sprinkle in some sexual persuasion

Play up your talents - if you're funny, go all out!

Get Trained

Book the 6-8th October off work for Class Rep Training weekend.

You’ll learn a lot, especially about big events & campaigns for the year.

So clear your schedule, expect the best, and prepare for an epic weekend!