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Meet Conor from the Kingdom, Your Union President.
Meet Conor from the Kingdom, Your Union President.


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Your elected President 2016/17

Conor Viscardi

Well! My name is Conor Viscardi, from the Kingdom (Just putting it out there), and I am your Students Union President for the upcoming year. I’m a second year History and Geography Student.  I look forward to representing you, the UCD Student Body, by enabling us to reach our potential as a vibrant and engaged student community.

The Kerry man himself!

My Priorities for this year

1. Put U in Union Policies – accommodation, transport & education

2. Student Entertainment – affordable, on-campus events

3. Community Building – taking school-scale communities to college-scale

Contact Conor by email at or tel 01 7163110

Don’t hold back, try the things you always wanted to do|  

Coming to the big smoke, as a lad from the mountains of Kerry, I personally found the transition to life in the Pale a bit daunting—especially upon arriving at orientation week with a very limited list of acquaintances. The advice I will give is that you should get equally involved in both the academic and social side of college as much as possible

In my own case, involvement in the S.U. and partaking in Public speaking, has greatly enhanced my presentation and organisational skills. These abilities are important in any sphere of work in the future. Bottom line: don’t hold back, try the new things you always wanted to do. College can be a time for reinvention, within reason of course :-D