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UCD Students' Union currently employ 5 full-time staff members.
UCD Students' Union currently employ 5 full-time staff members.


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UCD Students' Union


01 716 3108


UCD Students' Union currently employ 6 full-time staff members.


Office Manager
Deirdre Carr

01 716 3123
Deirdre is the Office manager for UCDSU, she manages all UCDSU accounts, maintains HR, and oversees all day-to-day office operations.

Receptionist and Marketing Executive
Camille Rogers

01 716 3108
Camille is the Receptionist and Marketing Executive for UCDSU. She oversees front of house, and manages advertising and marketing sales. She is the first point of contact for advertising queries from external organisations, as well as general inquiries and appointments with Sabbatical Officers.

Creative Director
Ger Byrne

01 716 3117
Ger is the Creative Director for UCDSU. He is an IADT graduate of Visual Communication Design and is responsible for the production of all visual aspects of the SU, including spacial, print and screen.

Communications &
Research Co-ordinator
David Burns

01 716 3117
David Burns is the Communications and Research Coordinator for UCDSU. He assists in the development of all SU publications, campaigns and policy initiatives and is responsible for public relations.

Events & Marketing Manager
Paul Kilgallon

01 716 3164
Paul Kilgallon is the Entertainments Manager for the Union. He is responsible for organising and promoting all SU events, including club nights, free shows, comedy festivals and music gigs on campus. He is also integral to running the Entertainments Forum.

Commercial Manager
David Collins

01 716 3115
David is the commercial manager for UCDSU Commercial Services. He has over 30 years experience of High Street retail management and is responsible for the running of the 3 SU shops on campus.