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Become a class rep to be a part of Council

SU Council Minutes

UCD Students' Union values:

Acting with Integrity

Showing Compassion

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Policy Book 2017/2018

Download here

Council Documents 2014/2015

Council 1 - 6th October 2014

Minutes from Council - April 2014

Agenda for Council 1

Reports from Exec



Council 2 - 20th October 2014

Minutes from Council 1

Agenda for Council 2

Motions for Council 2

Reports from Exec, Campaigns and Ents.

Details of Academic Council Elections (also on elections part of website)

Byelections for Res Coordinator (also on elections part of website)

Expressions of Interest for Ordinary Company Members


Council 3 - 3rd November 2014

Minutes from Council 2

Agenda for Council 3

No motions were submitted for Council 3

Reports from Exec have been circulated and will be uploaded shortly.


Council 4 - 17th November 2014

Draft Minutes from Council 3

Agenda for Council 4

Motions for Council 4

Reports from ExecCampaigns and Ents.

Semester One Entertainment Manager Report.


Council 5 26th January 2015

Minutes from Council 4

Agenda for Council 5

Motions for Council 5

Reports from Exec

Audited Accounts - 30th June 2014


Council 6 9th February 2015

Minutes for Council 5

Agenda for Council 6

Reports from Ents, Exec and Campaigns

Motions for council.


Council 7 23rd February 2015

Draft minutes for council 6

Agenda for Council 7

Reports from Exec


Council 8 30th March 2015

This meeting did not reach quorum so it did not take place - Items on the Agenda forwarded to Council 9.

Minutes for Council 7

Agenda for Council 8

Reports from Campaigns, Ents Communications & CrewEnts and Exec.

Motions for Council 8.

Motion on Notice for Next Council

Constitution that was Passed in 2015 Referendum


Council 9 13th April 2015

No minutes were taken at Council 8 as it did not reach quorum.

Agenda for Council 9

Final Reports from Campaigns, Ents and Exec.

Motions for Council 9.

Council standing orders & policy book

Policy book

Council Approved Budget year end June 2014

You can view the budget here

Audited Accounts year end June 2014

Accounts for UCDSUCSL for the period ending June 2014

Accounts for UCDSUL for the period ending June 2014


Council Documentation 2013/2014

You can view all council documentation for this academic year here.