Our Mission Statement?

The Students' Union serves and supports all UCD students by providing a voice and space for them to enhance their college experience.


The SU is student-led and continuously adapts to the evolving needs of the

student body.” 

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What is a Students' Union?

According to the dictionary, a union is “the action of joining together or the fact of being joined together, especially in a political context”. Unions are groups of people who come together to fight for better conditions and rights to the groups that make up the union. You may have heard of workers unions, who campaign for better pay, adequate holidays, medical leave and so on for workers of a company. A student’s union operates in a similar manner.

What about UCDSU?

UCDSU is made up of over 30,000 students; you are automatically a member when you are enter UCD as a student. In the UCDSU office there are six sabbatical officers that any student can reach out to for help. There are also class reps, campaign coordinators, ents officers and college officers that help the students with UCD life.


As a Student’s Union, our goal is to help you. We represent the student voice at boards and committee meetings, we fight for the rights of minority communities, we campaign for fair treatment of students and staff. We are only as strong as you make us so the more involved you get the more seriously we are taken as an organisation.

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How is UCDSU run?

Six sabbatical officers work full time more info on their role here

We have 12 collage officer who rep each school more info on their role here

They answer to the students in council every two weeks. More info about council here.

They also bring up ideas/issues (anyone know a better word) depending on students what tell us.

C&E officer has a campaign coordinators forum to organise the UCDSU campaigns more info here

Events officer has an ents forum to organise UCDSU events more info here


Your UCDSU is whatever you make it. We are of the students, by the students.

How can I get involved?

· You can sign up to be a Class Rep for your course at the start of trimester 1

· Ask your Class Rep to bring up an idea in council (You can find a list of Class Reps HERE

· Tell us any time there is an issue or have an idea to make UCD better, the more emails we get the more UCD takes the issues seriously

· Help out with our Campaign and Ents forums

We are here to listen to you and advocate for your rights