About Us


  1. To represent and fight for students at a university and national level

  2. To provide services like Leapcards, free contraception, help finding accommodation, exam buses and advocacy during disciplinary hearings


The SU serves and supports all UCD students by providing a voice and space for them to enhance their college experience. The SU is student-led and continuously adapts to the evolving needs of the student body.” 

That’s our mission statement, but what does that really mean for you? At the end of the day, it means that we’re here for you. Be it organising nights out and gigs, fundraising for charities that benefit our student body, representing you in academic and disciplinary hearings and supporting our amazing volunteers, Class Reps and activists as they fight for great causes. The SU is yours to shape how you see fit through  your reps. Any student is welcome to bop along to Council on Monday nights in the Fitzgerald Chamber and see the action – it's like a Dáil debate, except they all know what they’re talking about, and nobody advocates for drink driving. 

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