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My name is Ruairí and I'm your Students' Union President. I'm a psychology undergrad student from Clarecastle in Co. Clare. I got involved in the Students' Union for the first time in 2020 during the protests against rent increases on campus. I was the Welfare Officer for the last year and am pure buzzed to be sticking around for another as President. 

My main focus for the year is working to tackle the rampant commercialisation of the higher education sector so we can create a more accessible, affordable and welcoming UCD. If there's something you would like the SU to work on this year, we'd love to hear from you.


Give me a shout at 



Hi everyone, 

My name is Carla Gummerson, I am 33 and I am from Wicklow. I have a bachelor’s in social science and a master’s degree in public policy. I was the Auditor of the Mature Student Society for two years, during which I had the ability to gain great skills but most importantly I made some great friends. For the past year I have been your Graduate Officer and I am very thankful to have another year of helping and supporting UCD students. 

I will be putting on events for postgraduate students, support them with various academic issues, and I will be providing a PhD Conference Fund.

I am very excited about the year ahead. I cannot wait to reach out to students to guide and empower them during the year. If you ever need support or would like to see your graduate officer doing something specific like an event or campaign, please reach out by email to 



My name is Aoife Bracken and I am your Education Officer.


I completed my undergraduate in Politics and International Relations this year. During my time in UCD I’ve been a Class Rep, an OCM and Auditor of the Politics and International Relations Society, and I’ve been a volunteer with UCD Volunteers Overseas.


I was also lucky enough to get through half of my Erasmus+ year in Cologne, Germany before COVID-19 pushed everything online. As your Education Officer I will be a helping hand for students who need advice and assistance on academic issues. 



Hi All, 

I'm Darryl Horan and I'm your incoming Campaigns & Engagement Officer. A bit about myself, I'm 23, from Laois and just finishing up a Masters in Global History. I am no stranger to campaigning, I've been involved in take back the city, the climate strike protests of 2020 and more recently anti-racism initiatives like Unite Against Racism and Le Chéile.


As your Campaigns officer I want to help rebuild student activism. This will mean getting back out to students and running on the ground campaigns. Let's build student power and I hope to see you there! 



Hey there, my name is Molly Greenough and I’m your Welfare Officer! I’m 22 years old and originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve spent the past four years in Dublin and just finished up my final year of Law with Social Justice.


The SU has been a constant fixture in my life during my time in UCD, sparking my passion for student representation and activism. The four main areas I want to focus on this year are: mental health, housing, harm reduction, and sexual health and wellbeing.


As well, I will dedicate myself to casework and being an approachable, compassionate, and an understanding first point of contact for any student in need— whether you’re facing mental health, financial, physical or sexual health difficulties. Please get in touch with any issues, we’re all here to support you!



Hey everyone! 

I'm Sarah and I'm your Entertainments or Ents Officer. It'll be my aim to bring back the craic on campus (as restrictions on in-person activities ease!), with lots of acts, workshops, nights out and plenty of events. Charities will be another big focus. This year we will be supporting Empower the Family through the volunteer programme we set up with them last year and through fundraising. 

If you're interested in getting involved in Ents (being at the heart of helping out with events!) or want to know more about it, don't hesitate to pop me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram @the_entstagram



UCD Students' Union - Why are we here?

 We were founded to fight for a fair and affordable education system and to make that system accountable to students. This means students have a say on course content, exam regulations, disciplinary regulations and how the University spends its money. It also means fighting for a university that is accessible for all regardless of background as well as standing up for the rights of students when they are here. Therefore, we campaign for things like access to abortion, immigration status and marriage equality.

What’s a Students’
Union anyways?

A Students’ Union, much like a traditional union are groups of people who come together to fight for better conditions and rights for every member that makes up the union. The good news – you’re already a member! UCDSU is made up of over 30,000 students; you become a member automatically when you enter UCD as a student.

In the UCDSU office, there are six sabbatical officers that any student can reach out to for help. There are also class reps, campaign coordinators, ents reps and college officers that help the students with UCD life. As a Student’s Union, our goal is to empower you. Through our executive, the union represents students on boards and committee meetings, we stand up for the rights of every student, we campaign for fair treatment of students and staff, and on a day-to-day level, we support you in a host of areas. We are only as strong as you make us; the more you get involved, the more seriously we are taken as an organisation.

What do we do?

Collectively we are often at several things at once; we provide student support throughout their educational experience with our education officer, e.g., helping with exam supports, advice on navigating UCD and signposting students to get all
issues resolved. Our Welfare officer is here to help you with all thing’s welfare wise; she can post one of our very generous
welfare care packages - full to the brim with condoms, tampons, lubricant or almost anything a student needs to ensure a safe college experience. Our graduate officer is here to support you both on the education and welfare side, but just for you graduate students! On the fun side, you have our Ents Officer, for any event you want the SU to run! Our Campaigns Officer is here for any campaigns or burning issues you are passionate about. Lastly, there’s our Students’ Union President. They brings the team together and ensures that university management, the government, or any other stakeholder knows the concerns of UCD students.

We offer a range of services, and we hope you’ll take us up on them. You can book appointments with the Sabbatical Officers on the website, drop us an email, or call in during our office hours. We are there for you no matter the issue e.g., plagiarism or residential hearings; we provide advice and can be the backup you need. Accommodation supports? Several
of our officers have threshold training and want to help. Campaigns or Lobbying? Our Campaigns Officer has a wealth of campaigning experience and would be delighted to help you achieve your aims.

So, how is the SU structured? 

The SU is run by six full time Sabbatical Officers and nine part-time College Officers each year. Together they are known as the Executive. Alongside them are the Class Reps, who are elected by their peers to represent different courses, schools, and stages across the UCD student journey. 

Want to learn more about Class Reps and how to become one? Check out our dedicated page to Class Reps HERE

What is SU Council? How does it run and what's a policy book??

Union Council is the governing body of UCD Students' Union. It formulates policy and mandates, to steer the work of the Union and its elected Officers. Every September, each class elects their reps who sit on SU Council held every two weeks during term time. Council is where all the big decisions are made and comprises of Class Reps, College Officers, Campaign Coordinators, Entertainments Reps and Sabbatical Officers.

Full-time and part-time Officers give reports to Council on what they have been working on and other members of Council can ask them questions about it.

If you are a student and you want to make a policy change, get in touch with your Class Rep or College Officer and they can bring it forward a mandate on your behalf. Any one of them can bring forward a motion which gets voted and can be rejected, amended or passed, and added to our policy book. This can include things like pushing for more recycling bins on campus, requiring the Welfare Officer to provide free pregnancy tests and campaigning on things like marriage equality, abortion rights and safe drug consumption; council is your chance to tell us what you want and to work with us to achieve it.

If you want to create a policy which would change the constitution, this cannot be done at Union Council. To make a change to the constitution you need to call a policy referendum. To get more information on this process please email the UCDSU Returning Office at
Have a read of our Policy Book HERE - it contains all the mandates that are passed through Council

Want to know more about the rules by which the Council operates? Check out our Council Standing Orders HERE

Need to contact the Union Secretary? Email:

Need to contact the Chair of Council? Email:

Council Dates for 2021/22

Council Dates

Location (Fitzgerald Chamber & Live Streamed)

  • January 24th 

  • February 7th

  • February 21st

  • March 21st

  • April 4th

  • April 25th

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