Are you interested in event management, organising gigs for students, working with nightclubs and various venues around Dublin? Then ENTs Forum is for you!

The ENTs Forum is the focal point of SU Entertainment and it is composed of 6 Officers who hold a position relevant to the social lives of students and events held by the SU.

The positions are Promotions Officer, 1st Year Promotions Officer, Production Officer, Non-Alcoholic Officer, RAG Coordinator and ENTs Rep Coordinator. The Entertainments Officer convenes and chairs all meetings of the ENTs Forum which meet on a fortnightly basis.

The ENTs Forum will be elected at the first council of Trimester One, on 19 October. If you would like to run for any of the above positions, please email the Returning Office on returningoffice@ucdsu.ie to register your interest. You will then give a short speech at Council (over Zoom) and Class Reps will vote for the next ENTs Forum Officers.




My name is Emma Gregg and I am your Promotions Co-Ordinator as part of your ENTS team.
This means that I will be working closely with Tom on all of the events that will take place in
the coming year. I am 20 and I am half-Danish, half Irish. I grew up in Blackrock and spent 6
years in Denmark before moving back to Dublin again. I am a second year music and drama

I have spent the last year working closely with the SU as an events rep, attending and
helping at every event that was held last year. This has given me some great experiences
and I can only encourage you to get involved as much as possible, whether it be as a class
rep, an events rep or a volunteer.

I cannot wait to get back to it all again and see you all at the events, so keep an eye out for
me and send me an email if you have any questions!

Email: promotions@ucdsu.ie




Hey, I’m Rayhsuan but you guys can call me Ray, or Jan if a true homie. I’m your Non-alcoholic Events Officer on the Ents team. I’ll be putting on some cool events for you guys during your time in UCD, so I hope you’re excited.

I’m a 19 year old Taiwanese/Irish gal from Blanchardstown, (yes, the commute is very long) doing a humanities degree in English, Drama and Film.

You better be ready for some great craic in the coming semesters and if you guys have any questions or suggestions don’t be afraid to send us an email.

Email: alcoholfree@ucdsu.ie




Hey! My name’s Anam, I’m a first year Law and Politics students and I am happy to announce myself to be your first-year promotions officer for Ents! Although my degree may sound dry, I’ll be helping to organise and create amazing events on campus that will be anything but.

I am very social so please do approach me as I want to hear all of your ideas for promotions and events ranging from wild parties with too many cans (a freshers right of passage), to fun events for those of us who are more into chill movie nights and relaxing evenings making new friends on campus. 

I was the Public Relations Officer for my local youth county council, which gave me tons of experience in creating a solid bridge between students and elected reps. 

On the side, I’m interested in politics, yoga and everything food-related (catch me going to events just for the snacks). I like to stay active in my spare time but do love a chat about anything and everything to unwind so please crack a joke with me around campus.

All in all, I’m your mate who wants to see you get the most out of UCD. Whatever it may be: turning awesome ideas into whopper events, a bit of extra help and information about organising and planning, or even just advice. You can reach me at anam.rizwan@ucdconnect.ie or on Instagram at anamrizwan.1. See you all soon!




Hey guys! My name is Martyna, I’m 19 from Wexford and I’m a stage 2 of Classics, English and History student. I am really excited to be your new RAG (Raise and Give) entertainments coordinator and to be working with Tom and the rest of the Ent’s forum on organizing all of the fundraising events in UCD! I  I gained a lot of experience working with charities from the age of fifteen; I worked with various charities and organised many fundraisers for charities such as; The Oesophageal cancer foundation Ireland, Plan, Team Hope, Down syndrome Ireland, NWSPCA and many more. I find that helping people, whether it is by fundraising or going out and walking a dog from a local shelter makes a big difference in the community and in the world, and events management is what I aspire to do when I finish college, so joining the two together will be a great combination.

I am so excited to bring in my ideas to the union and I hope that you all won’t hesitate to bring your ideas to me! I hope that together we can make a difference and support the two charities RCNI and Enable Ireland.

Email: rag@ucdsu.ie