9 College Officers are elected each year by the students of UCD.

The College Officers are there to help support class reps and students in their department.


They work hard organising events for you throughout the year and support the union in events they have going on. 

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Míde Nic    Fhionnlaoich

Heya, I’m Míde and I’m your Law College Officer. I am a third year Law with Social Justice student. I first got involved with the SU as Irish Language Officer and in the past two years I’ve seen the power behind the student voice.

As Law College Officer I want to ensure that voice is heard, and you get the most out of your time in UCD both socially and academically. If you're having trouble with your degree or anything that's happening in Sutherland, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Haigh a chairde, is mise Míde, bhur Oifigeach Dlí. Is Mac Léinn triú bliana mé ag déanamh staidéar ar Dlí le Ceartas Sóisialta. Thosaigh mé amach le Aontas na Mac Léinn mar Oifigeach na Gaeilge, agus le dhá bhlian anuas chonaic mé an cumhacht atá ag glór na Mac Léinn.

Mar Oifigeach dlí táim ag iarradh cinntiú go gcloistear glór na Mac Léinn, agus mbainfidh tú an méid is mó tairbhe as do chuid ama I UCD, go hacadúil agus go sóisialta. Má tá fadhb ar bith agat le do chéim nó tada bainteach leis an méid atá ar siúl i Sutherland, bí ag caint liom.

Email: mide.nicfhionnlaoich@ucdsu.ie



Lauren Maunsell

I’m Lauren Maunsell and I’ve been elected as one of your College Officers for Arts, Humanities and Social Science! I’m heading into my 2nd year studying History and Politics so you’ll always see me in Newman - don’t be afraid to say hi if you pass me!  (I promise I’m very approachable despite what my ‘walking to lectures face’ might suggest!!).

I’m an artist and I’m also involved in organisations such as SpunOut and ONE. I’m extremely friendly and always ready to help anybody, listen to people and provide a voice for the students. 

Both myself and Sophie hope to continue the office hours introduced by your previous College Officers. This means we will have a specific place and time that either of us will be available to meet with students every week (updates coming soon!) I highly encourage you to pop in if you’re struggling with anything or even if you just want a chat don’t be shy! I’d love to hear from you guys! And if you can’t meet us during these hours you can contact us via email!

Email: lauren.maunsell@ucdsu.ie


Sophie O'Leary

My name is Sophie O’Leary and I am one of your Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences College Officers. I am 19 and from County Clare. I'm currently in 2nd Year studying History and Politics. I am passionate about education, student representation, mental health and some of the current problems we are facing such as the rent protests and how to deal with the situation of Covid-19.

This year, office hours will be available once again so if you want to share your ideas, need advice or someone to talk to, I’ll be here if you want to reach out. As a former Class Rep, I would also be delighted to give advice to anyone who is interested in becoming a Class Rep or wants to organise class trips, nights out or hoodies.


If you have any queries or want to get in touch, you can reach out to me if you see me running around (probably drinking capri-suns and wearing pink headphones) or via instagram (ahsstagram) or email:. Thank you all so much for this great opportunity to represent our university.

Email: sophie.oleary@ucdsu.ie


Marta Geszczak

Hi I'm Marta Geszczak. I'm currently studying Biomedical, Health and Life Sciences (yes that's quite a mouthful to say) and I'm very excited to be the Health Sciences College Officer this year.


I'm a passionate and optimistic person and I plan to bring that into this role every time. I hope to bring forward all student voices within our college. My engagement with the SU began when I became a class representative and I've loved every moment of it. Both the SU and the Health Sciences College are precious communities for me and I will do my best to showcase those amazing aspects to you all.


From the smallest class problems to big issues within the college, feel free to contact me.

Email: marta.geszcak@ucdsu.ie



Corey Power De Jong

My name is Corey, and I'm an Electronic and Electrical Engineering
student. I've been a class rep for a year, and have experience communicating students concerns to lecturers and vice versa. I am passionate about improving communication channels within our college, as well as ensuring that every member of the College of Engineering and Architecture is fairly represented in our Students Union.

Email: cory.powerdejong@ucdsu.ie



Tadhg Ó Maoldhomhnaigh

Dia dhaoibh, is mise Tadhg is as Co. na Mí dom agus déanaimse staidéar ar na hEolaíochtaí Bithleighis. Mo phlean don bhliain seo chugainn ná imeacht dátheangach a chur ar siúl gach seachtain, ranganna saor in aisce a chur ar fáil, agus an Ghaeilge a dhéanamh níos sofheicthe ar mheáin shóisialta an Aontais. Bígí liom, agus bain sult aisti! Go raibh maith agaibh. 

Hi my name is Tadhg, I'm from Meath and I'm studying Biomedical sciences. My plan for the coming year is to organise at least one bilingual event every week, to personally give free Irish lessons on campus, and to make Irish more visible on SU social medias. I hope you'll join me and enjoy using your Irish and learning more! Go raibh maith agaibh.

Email: tadhg.maloney@ucdsu.ie



Emily Moore

Hey guys, my name is Emily and I’m your Science College Officer! I’m 19 years old and I’m from Dublin. I’m in second year studying Biology here in UCD and I absolutely love it. Signing up to be a class rep for my course in the fresher’s tent was the best thing I did during my first year of college. I had a fantastic year and I’m here ready to take it all on again and more! Whether its difficulties with modules, issues with exams, problems with facilities or you just need somebody to have a chat to over a cuppa tea on a rainy day, I’m your gal. I’m here to try and make your life in UCD Science as easy as possible so make sure to reach out to me with any concerns or questions! Shoot me an email or stop me for a chat if you see me around campus. No issue is too big or too small. I’m very passionate about student issues in UCD and I’ll do my absolute best to be there for you all❤️️
PS. I bring free pizza to college council so if that doesn’t make you want to be a class rep I don’t know what will


Email: emily.moore@ucdsu.ie



Liam Coyle

Liam Coyle is a final year Commerce student based in the UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business. He is from Longford in the Midlands of Ireland and comes from an agricultural background. He was previously elected as class representative and holds significant experience in other representational and leading roles. He is regarded very highly by his peers and cohort for being a good leader, manager along with taking initiative and being an adept communicator. Most importantly, he is friendly, honest, approachable, diligent and is always happy to help notwithstanding any situation.

Email: liam.coyle@ucdsu.ie



Lucy Reid

Lucy Reid is a final year Food and Agribusiness Management student. Lucy’s goal for the year is to voice the positive progress and research happening within UCD for the Irish agri-food sector and environmental sustainability. 

Lucy will  represent the colleges of Ag, Food and veterinary by ensuring  students in these faculties will be supported by the student union to benefit from their time in UCD both socially and academically.


Lucy has been involved in many societies and sports clubs while at UCD such as Agsoc, sailing club, surf club and hort soc to name a few. She has has undertaken campaigns and fundraising events  for charities both on and off campus.

With both professional work experience and semester studying abroad in America completed Lucy  will happily help any students with future college or internship applications. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out and contact this chatty and friendly student union member.