The College Officers are there to help support class reps and students in their department. They work hard organising events for you throughout the year and support the union in events they have going on. 




Hey guys, my name is Molly and I’m your Law College Officer! I’m 20 years old and from Boston, Massachusetts. I’m starting my 3rd year of Law with Social Justice here in UCD.

I’m passionate about UCD, its students, and their issues. I first became involved in the Union last year, when I served as both class rep for my year and a member of the ENTS forum. Whether you’re a class rep that needs a bit of help planning your trip abroad, or if you’re having a tough time in one of your modules, for all things Sutherland-related, I’ll be your go-to gal to ensure you have the best year possible.

Give me a shout with any questions or concerns you have throughout the year, whether via email or anytime you see me around campus! It’s going to be a great year in ol’ Suthy, I’m looking forward to it.





My name is Emily Gallagher and I’m one of your College Officers for Arts, Humanities, and Social Science. Residing in the Newman basement, this is my second year at UCD where I am studying Politics and Economics. I have special interests in education and mental health, and I survive solely on a diet of chicken fillet rolls and regret.

This year I’m introducing AHSS College Officer opening hours where I’ll be available every week at the same time, same place (stay tuned). Here students can come to voice their concerns, discuss solutions, or even for just coffee and chats. I’d love for students to come and share their ideas with me for projects that they are passionate about, which I can help you work to bring them into fruition. I want to fight in your corner. If you can’t make it to these hours feel free to email me!

If you want strong opinions and someone who can (and will) bang out the beat to Africa by Toto, I’m your girl. Make sure you get involved during your time at UCD because listen, at the end of the day, it’s the night!





Hi everyone! I'm Molly Gervin, your Health Sciences College Officer. I'm from Kildare, I'm 19, and am currently in Stage 2 of undergraduate Medicine.

I am passionate about student representation, resources (from educational ones right down to the practical issues of where you can heat and eat your lunch!), mental health, and whatever it is that you the students are passionate about.

As a former class rep I am delighted to talk to anyone who is interested in representing their class and giving you advice about class trips, hoodies, or problems with lectures. As well as that I'd love to work with anyone on an individual level who has a cool idea or needs some help - no issue is too big or too small.

Please get in touch anytime by email or in person if you see me about! Thank you all so much for the incredible opportunity to represent our college.





Things are not okay. Rent is too damn high. Our economy is unsustainable. Our government literally leaves people to drown in the sea when they flee their homelands in desperation.

This is profoundly discomforting. Especially so when we feel powerless. But my job is to make you powerful. And I think I’m kinda good at it.

I’ve been working in this Union ever since I came to UCD in 2015 and I have struggled to confront major issues throughout that time: in my classes, in the College and throughout the world. I’ve struggled and failed so much that I’ve actually started succeeding sometimes. I’d love to talk about it some time if you’re interested (like half of my conversations on campus end up with me ranting about Union action and politics).

So if you see something that’s not okay – a disrespectful lecturer, a classmate who can’t afford to eat, a bird that keeps flying into the Engineering building and distracting people from their work – you let me know and we’ll sort it out.





Is mise Míde agus is mise Oifigeach na Gaeilge. Tá mé 19, is as Conamara dom agus táim ag déanamh staidéar ar an Dlí agus Ceartas Sóisialta. Is breá liom a bheith ag tarraingt agus ag imirt rugbaí, cé nach bhfuil morán maitheas ionam ag ceachtar acu

Táimse anseo chun an Ghaeilge a chuir chun cinn san Aontas, agus cuidiú le saol na Gaeilge ar champas, is cuma an cainteoir dúchais thú nó gan agat ach corr abairt. Má tá aon smaointí, gearáin, nó fiú muna bhfuil uait ach comhrá i nGaeilge, ná bíodh drogall ar bith ort dul i dteagmháil liom.

My name is Míde and I’m your Irish language officer. I’m 19, from Conamara and studying Law with Social Justice. I’ve a passion for drawing and rugby though I am not very good at either.

I’m here to promote the language within the Union and support the language and it’s users on campus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a native speaker or only have the odd phrase. If you have any ideas, issues or even if you just want someone to chat to in Irish (or English), don’t hesitate to contact me.





Hello! My name’s Lucy, and I’m your Science College Officer. I’m 20 years old and studying some form of biology, although I’m not sure what subject I’ll do my degree in just yet! The beauty of the College of Science is that you don’t need to have it all figured out straight away ❤

I started my time with the SU packing bags for last year’s Fresh Fest and went on to become a class rep, where many a sesh and a cheeky trip to the Dam were organised.

I’m here to help you get the most out of your time in Science, both academically and socially. If you’re finding modules difficult or you’re stuck looking for deals for a class night out, just give me a bell and I’ll sort you out! I might not be able to solve maths problems but I’ll definitely solve yours xox #LucyDforUCD"



Robyn O'Keeffe - Arts, Humanities & Social Science Officer 


Claire Read - Business Officer


Derry McCarthy - Agriculture, Food & Vet Science Officer


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