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Class Rep

Description of role

Class Reps play a diverse and integral role in the Students’ Union; informing decisions on Union Policy, communicating and engaging with their peers, and representing those peers both at Union Council and meetings across the wider campus.

In line with the UCDSU Constitution, Class Reps are expected to:

  • Make themselves known to those they represent.

  • Attend Union Council and any other meetings/committees which they are members of.

  • Take an active role at Union Council, helping to shape Union Policy and hold members of the Executive to account.

  • Organise social activities and nights out for their classes, and work to create a positive social environment.

  • Act as an information link between the members of their class and the Union. Keeping their class updated on the latest Union initiatives or campaigns and informing Council/Executive of important updates discussed among their class.


Level of involvement

3+ hours per week

Training and Support

Union Training will run on the 7th and 8th October.

This training will include modules on:

  • Role of a Class Rep

  • Introduction to Union Council (including submitting a policy/mandate)

  • Lecture addressing

  • How to represent your class

  • How to plan social activities for your class


Follow up training will be provided in semester 2.

Rewards / Benefits

Class Reps have the opportunity to make a difference on campus, by informing Union Policy and holding Sabbatical Officers and members of the Executive to account.


Work carried out as a Class Rep can be used in your application for the UCD Advantage Award.

The role offers you a great opportunity to make new friends.

Leadership skills developed during the year look great on your C.V.

Recognition and appreciation of all work carried out during the year is celebrated at the Union Awards Night in April.

How to Apply

Class Reps are elected to their position by their classmates. 

In order to run for Class Rep, you will need 5 students from your class to nominate you for the position. 

Class Rep Elections will be held on 4th and 5th October, and the deadline to submit your nomination form is 5pm Friday 30th September.


If you are interested in applying for the position of Class Rep, you can fill out the nomination form online here, alternatively, you can pop into the Students’ Union for a hard copy of the form. 

For further information on the role or the election process, please contact your Campaigns & Engagement Officer at

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